About Us

Vision Enhancement Specialists

Provix Inc. is a progressive forward thinking organization that specializes in finding and providing logical solutions to many types of industry problems or issues since 1987.

PROVIX specializes in Vision Enhancement. Our motto tells the story: “Now I Can See”. Without light, there is only darkness! Wisdom Cap lamps from Provix light up the night and allow safe productive operations in the darkest conditions. Rugged Video Camera Systems with Infra-Red LEDs provide the illumination required for the task at hand. From thermal imaging in the oil sands, to FireWatch cameras for heat detection, for police and fire service use, to temperature sensing for industrial and health care applications, PROVIX develops cost effective solutions to meet the challenges of modern day life. Our solutions increase productivity, make workplaces safer and provide peace of mind to workers and management around the globe.

Provix vehicle, personnel and equipment safety and lighting systems are manufactured to our demanding specifications to meet the requirements of many diverse user groups. Focusing on performance, durability and cost effective deployment. Provix products can be counted on in many industries ranging from construction to mining, from police to military, from government to institution and from business to consumer applications. Now I Can See!

Number 1 in the cap lamp industry!

New Wisdom Investment Limited (WISDOM) is an integrated enterprise, which focuses on being the top brand, R&D, sales, production and an efficient supply chain. We specialize in producing LED miner’s cap lamps and charging devices. All products are of unique design, advanced technology and excellent quality. Most of our product performance indexes are in the lead position worldwide within the cap lamp category.